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We are currently collecting petitions for the November 4, 2014 General Election. After we submit our petitions, the Supervisor of Elections will certify the amendments and place them on the ballot.

Sign the petition! We need almost 10,000 signatures from registered Clay County voters so make sure you and family all sign one! If you want to volunteer with us or help out further, click Get Involved at the top.

Children Over


A nonpartisan grassroots organization dedicated to our children, teachers, and community for the

purpose of ensuring  qualified leadership in 

Clay County schools.

"Taking Politics Out of Our Schools"

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Currently we elect the Clay County superintendent as a partisan candidate seeking party support (i.e. Republican, Democrats, and third-party). There is a partisan election in August that determines which candidates will run on in November.  This means politics chooses the candidates rather than having a broad pool of qualified candidates. We end up limiting our choices.

​Superintendents elected in the state of Florida do not have credential requirements or minimum job qualification other than living in the county. They do not even need a high school diploma.

​Appointed superintendents have a competitive list of qualifications and a national pool of candidates that are accountable to the school board.

​Only Alabama, Mississippi and Florida elect school superintendents. The rest of the country selects superintendent by searching qualified applicants from all over the country. In fact over 25 counties in Florida have now switched to appointed superintendents. St. Johns has had an appointed superintendent since 1990 and they have been number one in the state since 1998, over ten years!

If your favorite football team was looking for a new coach would you want them to limit their search to local politicians? Or would you like them to select from the very best coaches from around the country?

Children Over Politics Committee is made up of a group of concerned citizens who want the best for our children and our community. We are parents, homeowners, empty nesters, teachers, business owners, and voters in Clay County. Join us and help make a difference in our schools.