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Absentee ballots are already being mailed to Clay County voters. To request your ballot visit Early Voting will be October 25th – November 1st. Election Day is November 4th!

Most importantly we need you to vote “YES” for the superintendent referendum this November 4th. We also need your help passing on this information to others to get the information out. Please click Get Involved at the top for more information.

Children Over


A nonpartisan grassroots organization dedicated to our children, teachers, and community for the

purpose of ensuring  qualified leadership in 

Clay County schools.


referendum for better schools

It has been a long road since we initially announced our petition to appoint a qualified Superintendent of Schools in Clay County. Thanks to the leadership of our School Board we have been officially placed on the November 4, 2014 General Election ballot! Now our children need your help to educate voters about this important issue.

Since our current Superintendent took office in 2012 our school district has plummeted in ratings. The Clay County school district is no longer an “A” rated district; we have dropped in state ratings from 13th to 19th overall; and we have dipped below the 3% minimum fund balance required by the state1. Our schools will only continue to decline without qualified, experienced leadership at the top of our school district to lead us into the future.

With your support, we can raise the bar and take politics out of our schools. Our county currently has no minimum qualifications to be Superintendent, not even a high school diploma is required. Yet the Superintendent is responsible for a $300+million budget as well as hiring and reviewing all of our principals who in turn, are required to have advanced education degrees. We feel it is time for Clay County to recruit and hire the most qualified and knowledgeable Superintendent.

Consider this: If your favorite football team was looking for a new coach would you want them to limit their search to the county? Or would you like them to select from the very best coaches around the country?

There are roughly 15,000 different school districts in the United States yet less than 150 still elect Superintendents. 99% recruit and appoint a professional educator. It’s time for Clay County to demand more from our leaders.

Our School Board has developed minimum qualifications and a policy for selecting a new Superintendent, including a citizens committee made up of residents from across Clay County.  This committee will screen applicants to select the very best leader for our schools2. But before we can appoint a new Superintendent, we need to inform the voters of Clay County on this important topic.

St. Johns County has had an appointed Superintendent since 1992. Under the stewardship of a qualified Superintendent, they have continuously been an “A” rated school district and the number one rated district in the state of Florida. We believe Clay County can be number one and that we can make a difference in our children’s future. We hope we can count on you.

1View Florida Department of Education reports online at:
2View the policy online at

Children Over Politics Committee is made up of a group of concerned citizens who want the best for our children and our community. We are parents, homeowners, empty nesters, teachers, business owners, and voters in Clay County. Join us and help make a difference in our schools.